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Why Use A Bookkeeper?
Why Use A Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers today play a more vital role than ever. Their role has expanded over the last 10 years as the needs of business have increased. This has been due to a number of reasons:

Businesses seek more information, more frequently, than in times gone by. The bookkeeper provides businesses with the ability to receive the information that they demand.

Businesses must comply with a host of compliance demands from the ATO and other government organisations. They rely on timely information and lodgements - the bookkeeper is a critical part of this process.

More businesses are turning to bookkeepers as a means of mitigating their accounting fees. While certain attendances remain outside the ambit of what a bookkeeper can do, cost savings can still be realised by bookkeepers completing the majority of a task prior to handing it to an accountant. Moreover, the bookkeeper serves as a key liaison for the accountant.

BAS Preparation and Certification uses BAS Wizard - a sophisticated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that provides a Quality Assurance framework. BAS Wizard complements accounting software packages such as QuickBooks and MYOB. The BAS Preparation and Certification programme complies with section 251L of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1936).

Professional Indemnity Insurance. SureBooks carries professional indemnity insurance to protect the interests of our clients.

Professional Development. All SureBooks staff undergo regular professional development programmes to ensure that knowledge and skills are up to date.